I was looking for a pendant to remotely control the CNC and found a few that were too expensive for me, such as the MP-02 MPG Pendant from Homann Designs, and some not so expensive, such as the ShuttlePro and ShuttleXpress from Contour Design. In the end I picked the Xbox. One, it was relatively cheap, and too, well it did everything I need it to do, such as move my X, Y, & Z axis, as well as have buttons for cycle start, emergency stop, fast jog, a button for macros, etc. In other words, it really does everything a pendent should do.

I downloaded the plugin from the Mach3 plugin site: Xbox 360 Controller LINK

installation was rather easy and as you can see in the vid below, it works great. By the way, a few have asked why I chose the wired instead of a wireless controller. I’ve heard mixed stories about the batteries not lasting long, and also having to restart the controller if the computer falls asleep.

With the wired, I have several feet to walk around, and right now I do carry it while I’m in the testing mode and the emergency stop has saved my a couple of times. I’ve been trying a few g-code samples, and I do not have the limit switches attached yet, so if I didn’t hit the emergency button, the linear carriages would have went off of the cold rolled steel flatbar.